Why Boltjet?

Two words: Difference and Experience

Stop Limiting Yourself. When you usually book Private Jet or Helicopter Travel, how many places do you call? One or two?

No longer. When you start a quote with BoltJet, we canvas thousands of private jets and helicopters and make operators fight to give YOU the best experience possible.

But you're right. Nobody wants the lowest bidder. Neither do we.

BoltJet, with its 25 plus years of in-house aviation experience, can determine the best situation based on jet or helicopter size, speed, range comfort and yes, of course, price.

Safety is always number 1, both on the ground & in the air

BoltJet prides itself on using only certificated private jet and helicopter owners throughout the world.

The last thing anyone should worry about on their trip is safety. Rest assured, BoltJet verifies all operators have been properly certified in their country of origin, their pilots are up-to-date with training and records and that all paperwork is properly filled out and submitted, all before you get to the airport.

Once at the airport, you will be treated with discretion & respect, keeping you and your travel-mates privacy in mind. Our attention to detail in these aspects of travel, allow BoltJet to be a step above the rest.

Flight safety plays an integral part in the BoltJet experience. Once on board, our operators ensure the best, most relaxing and comfortable experience in a safe and professional environment.

Airplane taking off